All About Eyelid Surgery

Do your eyes look tired, droopy, and old? Does sagging eyelid skin impede your vision? You may be the perfect candidate for blepharoplasty. Also known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty gives a more rested, refreshed, and youthful look by eliminating or reducing eyelid droopiness. In the USA, blepharoplasty is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery procedure,

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8 Reasons to Get a Breast Lift

Among the many reasons women choose to undergo a breast lift procedure (mastopexy), self-esteem ranks as number one. Feeling confident about your appearance sets the stage for a list of other benefits. Some are obvious, and some may surprise you. Let’s take a look. Feeling “uplifted” A breast lift corrects drooping, sagging breasts. Aging, pregnancy,

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