What our Patients say about Dr. Brenda Draper

We love our patients and our patients love us. 

We do our very best to make sure each and every person is treated with kindness and respect.  We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you walk in.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

“Dr. D is an excellent artist and skilled surgeon. She has excelled in her field and her compassion, warmth, understanding and skill make her an amazing woman and surgeon. I’ve seen lots of doctors over the years in pursuit of self-improvement and maintenance and none compare. I would trust her with anything, my life included! She is honest and genuinely concerned with her patient’s sense of well being. On more than one occasion she has flat told me NO, to a request for a procedure or operation when she felt like the honest results wouldn’t be worth my money or the recovery. She makes you feel so at home, like you’re sitting down with a really good friend who just happens to be a plastic surgeon. Her results are amazing because of her attention to detail. She’s such a perfectionist. Her staff is so friendly and compassionate and not at all pretentious. Whatever you’re planning to have corrected, fixed, improved, what have you, you owe it to yourself to make a stop in her office before you decide. She changes lives.”
“Love my surgeon! Wonderful and caring. Gave me her cell phone in case I needed her! The whole staff is great! Dr Draper did not try to push unnecessary procedures on me and she seriously was like talking to a friend. Literally would give me a hug every time I came in and would just have girl talk. I love her and would recommend her to anyone!!
“I had a laser treatment done on my forehead to remove some minor scarring by Dr. Draper and couldn’t be happier with the experience. She is very warm and genuine combined with her staff who is awesome as well. Communication is a breeze with them and I would recommend her and her staff for anything you are considering. Great overall experience!”
"Dr. Draper and her team were absolutely amazing! I’m new to the area, so of course I was a bit apprehensive to try a new doctor. However, I’m so glad my web search led me to Dr. Draper. Her compassion and professionalism made eased all of my concerns. Also, I LOVED how she didn’t point out all the other procedures I could benefit from. Typically, I leave a plastic surgeon’s office feeling insecure b/c they strongly suggest I consider multiple procedures. But that wasn’t the case with Dr. Draper, I left feeling beautiful and confident. She is an amazing person and doctor!”
New to Asheville
"I wanted to take the opportunity to say a very person Thank You for all that you have done for me this year. I’m not sure you know how much your warmth, hugs, smile and very obvious concern and empathy has meant to me (and to Mark). Your knowledge and skill have also been appreciated. Overall, I want you to know I think the world of you"
"I couldn’t have expressed my appreciation for all that you have done any more perfectly than this card does. You are the epitome of a wonderful person and have changed my life. I hope one day I can give patients the opportunities you have given me. You are a huge influence on why I know I want to work in the medical field. Everything you do and how you handle each person with care is such an inspiration to me. You have truly shown me and my family more compassion than we could ever imagine, thank you for all you have done for us."
"I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your great work; I am so pleased. I like the way my clothes fit – as well as my face! Also, I can feel the difference when exercising and hiking. No less, Peter and I simply enjoy the conversation and laughter when we visit!"
"As this season of Thanksgiving approaches, my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I am so thankful that you and your team were involved in my care this year. I am thankful for your kindness, patience, and skill. You made a horrible experience so much better. I am also thankful in the knowing that other women who face what I have faced have you there to help them. You bring hope and peace."
S. Rockefeller
"It is such good medicine that you do…real medicine. Life changing medicine. Your skill and focus, experience and patience…and then there’s that exotic, deep forest dosage of kindness and respect that you sprinkle into each wound, those we walk in with, and those we walk out with…that makes you magical! I am grateful for you"
"How can I thank you for what you have done? You have made my life so much better. I now don’t dread getting old looking at bags under/over my eyes. You have given me something no one else could. God sent you to me, I feel so blessed. You, my beautiful friend, are gorgeous inside and out. You truly care and love with all your heart and soul. I hope to be more like you – so giving and calm. You have brought great joy to my heart – not only from the physical part, but mostly from the emotional part. You see, I connect with you more than most anyone, because you have the ability to deserve precisely who a person is. You are truly gifted. I look at you with great awe."
"I have never had a doctor that showed the care and concern as you did. You always made me feel I was talking to a good friend and I appreciate that more than I can express. Thanks for the “boost” to my self esteem at a time when I really needed it! "
" I wanted to thank you all so much for all the help you provided me on the day of my surgery. You all made me feel so welcome and comfortable throughout the entire process. Your entire office truly cares about each patient and that means so much. Again, thank you for all your kindness."
"Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate not only your expertise, but also your kindness. This has truly been an amazing experience, wish I would have done it sooner! You and your staff have made me feel comfortable, and well cared for. I love the way I look (in and out of my clothes ), and you have helped put a little pep in my step, and stand a little more proud…"
" Thank you so much for your kindness, caring and amazing work!"
"You are surely the best and sweetest doctor ever. Not only are you one fantastic plastic surgeon but the best therapist ever! Thanks so much for being such a lovely friend."
"How beautiful a day can be…when kindness touches it. THANK YOU From the bottom of my heart I thank you, for what you have done for me. Only God know how you have helped me. "
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