All the “Cool Girls” are Doing it

For actress, producer and CEO Drew Barrymore, the decision to try Emsculpt was more about health and wellness than aesthetics.  The mother of two daughters, her pregnancies caused her abdominal muscles to separate and left her midsection “like a fish tank” (noting that even five years later, her core never went back together) … causing her to constantly get injured and sidelined when she tried to exercise. 

Upon hearing about how the non-invasive electromagnetic procedure Emsculpt could tighten muscles and strengthen her core (and after she “asked all of my cool friends who are super in -the-know, chic, amazing people I totally respect and trust know and trust, who are all doing it”) she tried it herself – hoping it would heal her problems with her midsection/abs and enable her to exercise without getting hurt.

Since beginning treatments, Barrymore has been thrilled with the results – recently telling In Style magazine that she’s been “able to exercise in a whole new way” beginning with her core.  She went on to tell the magazine how she is now able to plank and that “everything is different because I have this awakened core” – further noting that Emsculpt “has been a game changer for me, because I’m getting out there, I’m working out, I’m exercising, and, oh my God, the mental stability, it’s amazing.”

Calling it her “abs secret”, Drew (who now serves as a spokesperson for Emsculpt) credits the non-invasive treatments with not only enabling her to exercise with a stronger core, but credits some of her body confidence to the program.  As she told E! News (and as a sentiment many other women can likely relate to)  “My problem was that no matter how hard I dieted or exercised, after having two kids—and my genetic predisposition— I was never losing weight.   I was always getting injured, so this, for me, was a game-changer.”

Ready to change up your game and look, and feel, better than ever?  Call us today to arrange for an Emsculpt consultation and demo – and find out for yourself what all the “cool girls” (and especially Drew) already know about this cutting-edge body sculpting

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